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Overcoming the impact of the Coronavirus, expediting export orders shipping

The spring is here and everything is full of vitality. Qingdao Cable have  achieved a new breakthrough of the container loading work. In less than 3 weeks, there are in total 85 containers PV cable, Irrigation cable, THHN Wire and MC cable  have been packed and shipped through the hard work of the workers. Compared with the same period of last year, it has achieved a contrarian growth.

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Affected by the epidemic, the company has a large backlog of orders. After the resumption of work, all employees worked together to catch up with the task and tried every means to improve production efficiency, ensure that orders were delivered on time, and won praise from customers.
“Serving customers and satisfying customers” is the purpose of our company. In the context of the epidemic, we must “turn crisis into opportunity and take advantage of development”, strive to obtain new energy, create new models, seize new opportunities, and create greater value for customers.


Post time: Mar-27-2020
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