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Quality Control

Ensure that my company the production of wire and cable products in incoming material, production process and finished goods to effectively control the quality, reduce waste, and provide customer satisfaction of products, the company based on the process control and equipment characteristics of wire and cable products, equipped with complete production equipment and testing equipment one hundred sets, covering all raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods inspection sampling, routine test and part of the type testing project, and develop the practical quality control measures, main body is related to the program documents and regulations. These measures involve people, machine, material, ring, various aspects, including human resource control procedures, regulations related to quality control personnel's ability, consciousness, training, skills, education, evaluation requirements, to ensure that the process, technology, procurement, inspection, equipment, measuring, mold, tube, wire drawing, wire, extruded, cabling and other jobs related to quality control personnel have the necessary quality and ability; Procurement control procedures stipulate the requirements of selection, evaluation and assessment of suppliers, and formulate the quality control methods of raw materials to ensure that suppliers provide all kinds of raw materials that meet the requirements. Process control procedures in the production process quality control requirements, including special process equipment, process documents, key/arrange the control points, bad product disposal, such as content, and formulate the corresponding operation procedure and management system, including the quality management system, quality inspection, process management system, equipment management system management system, measurement management system, and refinement to the raw material inspection procedures, process inspection procedures, finished cable factory inspection procedures, such as quality assurance program requirements. The final inspection of the product is an important means to comprehensively assess whether the product quality meets the requirements and provide evidence for the final product to meet the requirements. Therefore, the final inspection is the focus of quality control. Only after all the specified inspection is completed, the relevant quality inspection results meet the requirements, and the data and documents are recognized, can the products be put into the warehouse or leave the factory.

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