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Selection of wire and cable models

When choosing electric wires and cables, the utility, laying conditions and safety should be considered

For example, according to the use of different, can choose power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc.;

According to different laying conditions, general plastic insulated cable, steel tape armored cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc.

According to the safety requirements, non-flame retardant cables, flame retardant cables, halogen-free flame retardant cables, fire resistant cables, etc.

Selection of wire and cable specifications

When determining the specification of wire and cable (conductor section), the selection conditions such as heating, voltage loss, economic current density and mechanical strength should be generally considered. According to experience, the low voltage power line is generally selected as section according to the heating condition because of its large load current, and then the voltage loss and mechanical strength are checked. Low voltage lighting line because of its high requirements on the voltage level, the allowable voltage loss conditions can be first selected section, then check the heating conditions and mechanical strength; For high-voltage lines, the section is selected according to the economic current density, and then the heating condition and allowable voltage loss are checked. And high – voltage overhead line, should also check its mechanical strength. If users are inexperienced, they should consult the relevant professional units or persons.

How to choose the cable specification?

Specification and model of cable sheath

What is sheath wire? Is the wire and cable with sheath, sheath line is just a kind of commonly known, general sheath line refers to RVV cable and BVV series cable, RVV cable is soft sheath line, and BVV is hard sheath line.

The following is the parameter comparison and specification model of the two types of jacket wire:

Full name: RVV full name PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable; BVV full name PVC insulated PVC sheathed wire.

Structure: whether it is soft sheath wire or hard sheath wire, there is an obvious feature, that is, the outer layer of the wire is composed of a sheath, covered with electric wire, covered with rv wire is RVV cable, covered with bv wire is BVV cable.

Materials: common sheath wire sheath material for PVC, namely PVC plastic.

Execution standard: gb standard; Quality standard: 3c certification; Product code: RVV soft sheath line 277iec53; BVV hard sheath wire 277iec10.

Conductor: the conductor of RVV soft sheath wire is composed of anaerobic copper wire, so the line body is soft, BVV hard sheath wire is composed of bv line, bv line conductor is a single conductor, so harder.

Post time: Jan-23-2019
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